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you can not be replaced

Did someone pass you an

' I Can NOT Be Replaced®' Wristband? 


-Put on the bracelet with the words facing up so you can read it and know that you are 'irreplaceable'.
-Wear it until you see someone that you feel the band is supposed to be passed to: whether you know them or not. This could be tomorrow, next month or a year from now.  You’ll know when it’s time .
-When you do pass it, tell the person something positive about them or life. That one small act of kindness will not ever be wasted and the band is replaceable but the person is not.
-Come back to for another band. Tell us it’s a replacement  band and we’ll send you two for one. One for you and another to give.
Go now and pass….

replacement band email:


Addicted to passing wristbands?  


Do you keep emailing for more? We get it, we're kind of addicted too. We'll still send you bands, but how about considering starting a chapter or doing a fundraiser for us?  


email us: 

Wrist Band Instructions: 

So what is it about the wristband that moves people? 


Emily knew right away that the You Can NOT Be Replaced® wristbands should be passable. Kind of a pay it forward, have your friends back kind of thing. we  had no idea how much of an impact they would make on the lives of people. We are always speachless when we hear the stories.


They're so special right?


Not really, the wristbands are still just rubber and ink. What makes them special is the message you give them. The wristbands become a symbol of the gift you gave when you thanked the person for being your friend, or reminded them  how loved they are.


When someone looks at a wristband they have been given, its your kindness, your love and generosity that they remember.


It's you that gives the wristbands significance, Its you that gives them meaning. 

Your kindness is what makes the You Can NOT Be Replaced® wristbands powerful. 


'No Act of Kindness, however small, is ever wasted' Aesop




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36,000 of our passable wristbands  are traveling across

the USA, Canada, UK and Australia 

and counting....

"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted" Aesop

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